Terms and Conditions


Quotes for work are provided based on knowledge provided by the client at the outset and are subject to change if significant extra work accrues as a result of client changes.  Any additional time/money will be outlined to you as the project progresses.


Hosting and maintenance fees (applicable to every website) are £50 a month, invoiced in advance on the first of every month.

25% reduction is given to clients with two or more websites.

50% reduction is given to clients with official charity status.

Unless otherwise agreed, invoices should be paid immediately.

Domain name renewals are invoiced at cost price – no admin fee is added, although this is subject to change in future.

Small updates to your site will be covered under your maintenance agreement, although major updates or changes that require longer amounts of time to complete will be billed by the hour and quoted prior to commencement.


Your website or artwork is your intellectual property unless the design is based on third party artwork or whilst invoices remain unpaid and will revert back to Vaughan Graphic Designs should this not be satisfied.


Transfer of websites to new ownership requires work and so an admin fee of £200 per website will be charged.

Transfer of domain names is free of charge, unless difficulties occur as a result of the new provider you have chosen, in which case a fee of at least £25 per domain will be invoiced to you.