Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, your business image is a very important part of connecting with your customers and a vital ingredient to your success.

stationery-croppe-600pxIt is important to convey professionalism at all times within your brand identity but business stationery is more than simply the letterhead you use, it also encompasses envelopes, invoices, labels, presentation folders, correspondence cards, business cards and more. A cohesive and coordinated look amongst these items in your office will give your business credibility and makes it easy for customers to recognise you through any method of communication.

However, it is more than simply placing your logo on various items haphazardly and when businesses obtain their corporate stationery through multiple and various sources, there is no guarantee of matching colour as well as fonts, proportion, stock and size across the board.

The best way to avoid these headaches and to ensure a cohesive and professional look is to order from a single source provider.

Vaughan Graphic Designs can help you achieve a uniform look and ensure the printing of your business stationery is perfect.