Newspaper and magazine adverts, online banner adverts, flyer insert adverts and even video adverts!

advertising-cropped-600pxWhy should you advertise?

  • Your market is constantly changing and people forget fast.
  • Your competition isn’t quitting.
  • Advertising strengthens your identity.
Advertising enables you to hold on to your existing customers. Most businesses rely on repeat business and referrals and old customers are the key to both. When old customers don’t hear about you, or directly from you, they tend to move on. Cutting your advertising is a negative signal to those who actively patronise you.
  • Advertising gives you an advantage over competitors who have ceased advertising.
  • Advertising is essential to survival and growth, it allows your business to continue operating. You will always have overheads – bills, telephone, rent/equipment, time. Advertising rejuvenates and draws new revenue into the process.
  • If you stop advertising, everything you’ve invested becomes lost, as the consumer’s awareness you’ve purchased slowly dwindles away. Of course you can buy it again, but you’ll have to start from scratch.